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    ● Does anyone know of a cool mist humidifier that DOESN'T have a night light or has a light that can be turned off?

    ● Why are the humidifiers found there are rather bright lights in a pretty dark bedroom?

    ● I used a piece of electric tape to cover the above can solve the problem of humidifier light, but it is very boring.

    ● I do not want the humidifier to break my habit of sleeping - sleep in a completely dark room.

    ● .........

      Like this feedback we can see a lot on the Internet or on the Amazon.

      Now, Ziyor has finished the latest design.


      2017 Newest Design of The Cool Mist Humidifier

              ● The indicator light auto turn off/on.

              The indicator light will auto turn off without operation in 10 seconds. And it will auto turn on to show the state when the button being touched.

                    ● Operating without beep at all.

                  The diffuser does not emit “beep” sound at any time. Regardless of work or operation are whisper-quiet.

                  The automation of the indicator light will indicator whether the operation is complete.

                  So this no light humidifier is the best for use in a pretty dark bedroom or baby room. If you are afraid of darkness, independent switchable night light is also excellent.

                  More functions such as waterless auto shut off, timer, mood light, fast shutdown also have.

                  Click here to see more detail on amazon:


                        ● Also, it is a diffuser for essential oils.

                      The PP material suitable for adding any essential oil, each 2-3 drops. Our product manager often mix different essential oils, smell very good!

                      Ultrasonic shock to make the aroma spread more delicate, better yoga exercise and aromatherapy

                      Effectively humidifies and freshens any room, instantly improving dry, stuffy environments.

                      Relieves dry skin and noses, aromatherapy helps to reduce stress, and relaxes both body and mind.

                      Click here to see more detail on product page:

                      Tips: Humidified area is 100-330 sq.ft.; Aroma diffuse area: 100-1000 sq.ft.


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